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Architectural Products of Building

Customers can select products as desired from our extensive line of products.
We actualize the creation of buildings that are gentle to people, yet functional.

Custom-made Curtain walls

The most advanced aluminum window system satisfies both design and performance requirements in multiple dimensions.

Our custom curtain walls can be implemented in a variety of designs used by architects. Our curtain wall members are examined and evaluated from all aspects including strength before designing and manufacturing curtain walls. In order to respond to constantly advancing curtain wall technology, evaluation and analysis of curtain walls are conducted in simulated natural environments by using one of the nation’s largest indoor dynamic wind pressure testing chamber. In particular, with this machine, it is possible to accurately verify functionality and durability of large-unit curtain walls used for skyscraper buildings.

Custom-made Curtain walls


The most advanced aluminum window system satisfies both design and performance requirements in multiple dimensions.

By concentrating our technologies on the tasks of actualizing high-grade design and architectural sustainability, we have developed a merchandise group aimed at the most advanced levels today. We propose high-performance energy-saving window systems and wood & aluminum hybrid sash systems.


Natural air ventilation system

This system, gentle to people, uses natural wind flow to maintain the comfortable air environment in a building.

To make buildings breathe like human, we have developed a natural air ventilation system using wind energy. Our "Swindow" balance-type counter-flow prevention windows and "Wincon" and "CAVCON" ventilation slits have been evaluated highly for their contribution to CO2 reduction.


MTG series

Next-generation window series with increased storm-resistance performance and improved design

The Next-generation window system MTG-90 for Condominiums

MTG-90 for condominiums provides superior performance for comfortable living, offering both crime-prevention functions and universal design, using a highly heat-insulating double-glazing unit. We offer a variety of options as well, including built-in screens.

The Next-generation window system MTG-70 for Buildings

This product line works for a full range of designs from low-rise buildings to skyscrapers. This is our primary building produts, designed to meet higher functionality and design needs.

Custom-made Curtain walls

Remodeling windows of building by MTG-70_HOOK method (remodeling cover method)

With its flexible measures, Sankyo Tateyama Aluminium provides support for increasing the value of buildings, and enables the renewal of building openings by simple construction work.

The "HOOK method" is a remodeling cover method that covers the existing sash frame using the remodeling frame. This method can achieve effective openings wider than those obtainable by previous methods, and improves such aspects of dwelling performance such as natural lighting properties and air-tightness. Performance aspects can be selected in accordance with the existing frame situation, and the building's image can be improved by our neat frame designs.
We provide total support for advanced building remodeling that upgrades buildings by giving them new added value.

Custom-made Curtain walls


Front system that anticipate future design needs

instax meets a wide variety of design needs, from facade to curtain walls, with the slim frames of the 2 Series and its systematic construction.

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